DLC inbound for Tranformers Devastation

by: Jeremy -
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As if Platinum Games’ Transformers Devastation wasn’t nostalgic enough for G1 fans, a new batch of DLC will be launching next week to dig even further into the G1 lore. The first pack for the game will launch next week and add three new costumes as well as three new weapons for your Autobot roster.

On the costume side of things, players will be able to sport new duds for a few of the characters that give players a chance to play as Nemesis Prime, Red Alert and Goldfire. Each of these will have a specially tailored weapon to go with them as well, although you can equip any one of the weapons to any character in the game. Nemesis Prime brings the deadly Dark Star Saber to the game in lieu of Prime’s traditional Energon axe. Red Alert comes packing the deadly, ranged Photon Disruptor. Bumblebee’s alter ego rounds things out with the Golden Hunter, which is a pair of wicked hand cannons.

The exact price of the new content has not been revealed. You can expect to begin seeing these pop up online in your favorite digital store beginning on November 10, 2016.