Fallout 4 launch trailer reveals "the real enemy," and shows off more tight, blue vault suits

by: Randy -
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In case you've been living in an underground vault (which is entirely possible, I don't know your situation), Fallout 4 is about to break video games. This is the trailer for the November 10 launch this coming Tuesday.

Watch the video. It throws emphasis on the fact that both male and female protagonists are voiced—a first for an open-world Bethesda game. It also opens up a can of worms regarding "The Institute" and how it ("not the raiders") is the real enemy. It appears that a long, costly campaign against The Institute and its "synths" (robots looking like humans, hiding within the general population) are going to pit humanity against its own worst enemy: itself. Time for a good old-fashioned witch hunt!

Again. Fallout 4. November 10. Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One.