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Plenty of early November incentives to buy an Xbox One

by: Dan -
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Looks like Microsoft and some of its biggest retailer partners are running some decent deals in the first part of November to try to entice you to purchase a Xbox One. GameStop, Best Buy, Amazon and Target all have several different incentives over the coming days when you purchase an Xbox One.

Amazon's deal appears to be the most lame, with just a copy of the Mad Max game during the incentive period. I think Target's deal from Nov 6th - 7th may be the best (Free game and $50 gift card) when you factor in that you can use your red card and get an additional 5% off the price of the console. See the image below for the entire list, but it doesn’t look like you will need to wait until Black Friday in order to get some of the best deals out there on a new Xbox One.