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No Man's Sky: another Spore-sized disappointment?

by: Sean Colleli -
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With No Man's Sky set for a June 2016 release date--barring any (inevitable) delays--the long suffering fanbase settles down for the long 8 month wait. Paul Tassi over at Forbes, however, wonders if all the hype, promises and waiting will be worth a hill of intergalactic beans.

Tassi has a pretty frank speculative article where he suggests that No Man's Sky will just be another Spore: an impossible promise, and an utterly disappointing delivery. As the wait stretched on and on and the initial afterglow faded into the bitter cold of space, I admit I've been feeling the same way.

Tassi points out that the newest trailer is almost identical to all the rest we've been seeing for nearly 3 years now. We still don't know how the game will actually play, and it's looking very likely that its ostensibly infinite planets will just be minor, meaningless variations on a single bland, boring theme.

I hope I'm wrong, but I also know that hope is a fickle emotion. With so many indie studios disappointing gamers again and again, from Mighty No. 9 to Star Citizen, skepticism and doubt should be the order of the day. No Man's Sky hasn't earned our trust yet, and if we don't want another Spore-sized let-down we should probably check our expectations and keep a close eye on just what Hello Games is promising. 

Source: Forbes