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Warner Bros will refund PC owners of Arkham Knight until the end of 2015

by: John -
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Batman: Arkham Knight returned to the PC this past week, but the news isn't good. A lot of people are still having issues with the game and it seems like they have a big mess on their hands.

Warner Bros is doing the right thing though and offering refunds on Steam to anyone that bought it regardless of how long they played. You'll even get refunded on a season pass purchase.

There are a few folks that don't have any crippling issues playing on the PC, but those seem to be few and far between. I did go through the entire game on the PC, getting a 100% completion rate, and only had a few crashes. But, it is disheartening to hear the situation with the PC version of a good, solid game.

If you decide to hold on to the game, Warners Bros. is still going to try and improve on it. The one thing I didn't like from the post by Warner Bros. is that there are issues they won't be able to fix, which they will detail later.

It's unfortunate it's come to this and after the lackluster Arkham Origins, I was hoping Rocksteady would turn the ship around with Arkham Knight. On the console, they succeeded, but outsourcing the PC port to someone else was a really bad decision on their part and they are paying for it.

Maybe this will be a valuable lesson to Warner Bros. and others next time they work on a PC version of a highly anticipated title.

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