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Mirror’s Edge Catalyst slips until May

by: Jeremy -
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Let’s be honest, we should have seen this coming: Mirror’s Edge Catalyst has been delayed until May 24, 2016.

I’m sorry, but this is the pessimist in my coming out. Mirror’s Edge Catalyst was the front runner for my “most anticipated game of 2016“, despite my numerous attempts to keep my expectations in check. The game’s official website was recently updated with a personal message from the game’s Senior Producer, Sara Jansson, which announced the delay.

According to the post, the decision to delay the game was made in order to accomplish all of the goals that they set for the game at the “highest quality possible”. While I am extremely disappointed in a 90+ day delay, I must say that I am glad that they are announcing it now and not just a couple of week’s before release. This is the sort of delay that at least appears to be transparent, rather than the last second ones that catch everyone by surprise at the last minute. Hopefully it will be for the best.

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