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Street Fighter 5 channels its inner yogi, releases a ton of info

by: Jeremy -
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There was a lot of info revealed at Sony’s Paris Games Week press conference yesterday regarding the upcoming Street Fighter 5. First off, the game has finally been given an exact release date: February 16, 2016. That is only a few months away!

We also got a character reveal at the show. Although most fans knew that he was coming thanks to leaks and datamining, Dhalsim was confirmed as the 15th character on the roster. The yoga master has certainly aged a bit since the last outing and sports a much more “mature” look, which you can see in the trailer below. With his reveal, that leaves only one spot left on the launch roster.

The last bit of big news revealed about the game was the plan to release six additional characters throughout 2016. While none of the characters were specifically named, silhouettes were shown which should lead to some healthy discussion among fans. Some of the names already being heavily rumored include Alex, Juri, Balrog, and Urien. While players will be able to purchase the additional characters with additional money, each one will also be obtainable within the game using the in game currency system as long as you are willing to put in the work. This will certainly be a nice change of pace for modern DLC, having multiple purchase options available for those who want to pay and those who just want to play.