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Battleborn multiplayer trailer, beta details

by: Rob -
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First, check out our preview posted yesterday. Then, enjoy this multiplayer trailer for the upcoming FPS-MOBA, Battleborn. The folks at Gearbox have released the trailer as part of Playstation's Paris Games Week and it details three modes: Capture, Meltdown, and Incursion.

In addition to the footage, we also have some details on the upcoming Battleborn Open Beta, which is coming in 2016 on all platforms, but will be available first on PS4. There will first be a closed technical test that starts this Thursday, October 29th, followed by the Open Beta in 2016. Full details about the beta and closed technical test can be found on the official website, but you can sign up for the test right here (you will need a Swift account to do so but can create one right at that link, I created one and received a test key straightaway).

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