Battlefield 4's community-shaped DLC Community Operations out for free tomorrow

by: Chapel -
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The latest Battlefield 4 DLC, Community Operations, will be available as a free download tomorrow. The new map, Operation Outbreak, was created in cahoots with the Battlefield 4 community through a series of polls and feedback. The result is an infantry focused map set in a thick jungle, not unlike the Battlefield Bad Company 2: Vietnam maps. The Battlefield website describes it thusly:

The battles takes place in the map Operation Outbreak. Fight inside the abandoned medical research facility, lay down fire at an ancient temple next to a lush waterfall, or completely destroy and level houses when the enemy tries to get cover in the overgrown ghost town.

Vehicles will be available, but they will be of the lightly armored variety, with ATVs and RHIBs shuttling players quickly from point to point. The standard Battlefield game modes, like Conquest and Rush, as well as others, will be available on this new map as well.

You can check out the (very good) trailer below.