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Batman: Arkham Knight PC re-release date is now October 28th

by: John -
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Just in time for Halloween, Warner Bros is re-releasing the PC version of Batman: Arkham Knight on October 28th. Warner Bros. took it down a while ago because of how badly the PC port was, but it looks like they're ready to give the masses a try after many fixes were put in place.

The patch should bring the PC version up to speed with the consoles in terms of what DLC can be played with and hopefully, get the game running at a playable level. I never had any problems with the game, being one of the lucky few to have a pretty good PC experience with the exception of the texture issues.

It's too bad that Warner Bros. isn't giving anything to those that bought the PC version a while ago. A free DLC or some sort of gesture would have been nice to compensate those that have had the game, but couldn't play it because of the performance. Nevertheless, the game will be back on Steam in three days and hopefully, it should play up to the standards of Arkham Asylum and Arkham City.

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