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Team Destruction mode coming to World of Tanks for consoles

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If you play World of Tanks on the Xbox 360 or Xbox One, you might have noticed a recent update to the game.  Update 2.3 brings a few new updates including Team Destruction mode, available for all maps where the goal is to simply defeat the enemy team within a set time limit with tie breakers determined by how many tanks each team has left at the end.

Update 2.3 also includes six new light tanks: the T37, M41 Walker Bulldog, T49, and M24 Chaffee for the USA, and the LTTP and ?-54 lightweight for the USSR tech tree.  The update also includes the Premium SU-76i, PvE specific ops, and three enhanced maps.

Team Destruction Mode Deployed for World of Tanks on Console

New light tanks, PvE ops and Premium SU-76i have arrived

October 22, 2015 ?? Wargaming today announced Update 2.3 is now available for World of Tanks on Xbox One and Xbox 360 worldwide. The newest content update on console adds a full slate of new content including game mode Team Destruction, PvE specific ops, three enhanced maps, six light tanks and the Premium SU-76i.

Added by popular request, Team Destruction Mode pits tankers against each other in a skirmish where victory is obtained solely by defeating the enemy team within a set time limit. Team Destruction is available for all maps and will award tiebreaker victories to the team with the most vehicles remaining on the battlefield at the end of a match.

Update 2.3 continues to intensify tank warfare by adding Light Tanks to the battlefield; the T37, M41 Walker Bulldog, T49 and M24 Chaffee join the ranks of the USA line with LTTB and the ?-54 lightweight augmenting the USSR tech tree. Additionally, enhanced maps Airfield, Siegfried Line and Live Oaks are back, and a new set of ops has been added to PvE mode Proving Grounds, allowing players to perfect their tanking skills before heading into battle.

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