Everspace wants a piece of that space pie, coming late 2016

by: Randy -
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Okay, Everspace may be onto something nice here. Throw together one part space shooter and two parts roguelike, and you may have a simple recipe for success. And that's exactly what Everspace is looking to pull off. It got its Kickstarter money. It got the Greenlight from Steam. And now it's been picked up by Xbox One. 

Space sims are hot property nowadays. But the natives are getting restless. Star Citizen has only been announced for (less than) two years, but the internet feels it has waited long enough. No Man's Sky is getting more publicity than any game in recent memory, but the fanbase is tearing itself apart with speculation and pre-loaded doubt.

Suffice it to say, Everspace is entering choppy waters. But boy does it look neat. It's not the hottest looking game out there, but only a dummy would think it doesn't look good. There's a boring ship in the middle of the screen, but those galactic environments, though! No, everything looks very simple. It's just a space shooter. You can only keep people's interest for so long, spinning in space circles, pew pewing at bad guys. But it works for a while. My knee-jerk reaction: Looks awesome, might lack soul. We'll see.

Everspace is looking at a late 2016 launch on Xbox One and, presumably, PC too.