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It's almost that time again. Dell ad leaks a $300 Xbox One deal with Gear of War Ultimate and Fallout 4

by: Nathan -
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Oh boy, we haven't even hit November and already the Black Friday deals are leaking. Don't know what Black Friday is? Well, check out this video and see for yourself. Warning, turn the volume down. 

Yup, the time of year when people act like savages in order to score deals on toasters, movies, videogames and electronics. If you are smart however, you probably stay away from stores and do your Black Friday shopping online. That's usually what I do. Just check out Amazon, various other stores all from the comfort and safety of my computer chair.

Anyways, if you are in the market for an Xbox One this holiday season, this may interest you. 

Gamesradar is reporting that In this leaked ad, you can see that Dell is going to offer a ridiculous deal on the Xbox One which includes the following 

  • Xbox One 500GB console 
  • Fallout 4
  • An extra controller 
  • Gears of War Ultimate game download 
  • 3.5mm headset 

And it will cost $299.99. According to the add, the deal will start at Thursday 11/26 at 6PM. So get ready to pound that F5 button and pray that the website doesn't crash.