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Star Wars Battlefront will make your inner Star Wars nerd very happy

by: Chuck -
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Feelings about Star Wars Battlefront are a bit divided withing the Gaming Nexus staff.  There are those of us that feel it's a shallow and boring experience tailored to cash in on the Star Wars name (that would be Travis and John) and there are those of us that think it's a great looking game with fun mechanics that use the Star Wars canon to great effect (which would be Jeremy and myself).   

If you find yourself in that second camp then this Sony ad for the game is going to stir things within you.  Deeply routed things that are woven into the core of your being especially if you've ever imitated the snap-hum of a light saber while waving a flashlight around. or imagined yourself making the trench run on the Death Star while riding a bike or driving a car.  If that's you then this commercial is going to make the wait until the release of the game next month just that much longer.  So watch with caution.

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