New assets show off some multiplayer systems in Dark Souls 3

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Bandai Namco has recently released some new assets for Dark Souls 3 that show off some of the games' multiplayer systems.  These include phantoms used to show other online players facing the same challenges that can give you hints as to what to expect, bloodstains that litter the ground to show how another player died to warn of upcoming danger, co-op summoning, and more. 





BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America Inc. today released new assets for DARK SOULS?? III, the highly anticipated next chapter of the beloved DARK SOULS series. DARK SOULS III will be available in North America and South America April 2016.

The new assets highlight some of the multiplayer systems found in DARK SOULS III including:

  •          Phantoms - Catch glimpses of other online players facing the same challenges and secrets lurking around every corner. Studying them may give you small hints of where to go and what to do next. Players can summon when they use an item called Ember. Using an ember grants players opportunity to temporarily restore the power of the Lord of Cinder to the player character. When the player dies they will lose the power of fire until another ember is consumed.
  •          Bloodstains - Bloodstains litter the ground and are the sign of another player's death. Touching them will show you how a player died, providing clues of unseen dangers up ahead.
  •          Messages - Create messages on the ground to help or hinder player progress, the choice is up to you. Players can read messages left behind throughout the world and rate them "fine" or "foul". Each time your message is rated your HP is half restored and the message remains in the world for a longer duration of time. Conversely, your message can earn a bad reputation with messages meant to trick other players.
  •          Co-op Summoning - Players can summon another player into their world for co-op gameplay.
  •          Dark Spirit Invasions - The Dark Spirit of an online player invades another player's game and introduces a dangerous enemy into their world.
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