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GTA Online: Lowriders DLC coming October 20th

by: Chapel -
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The next batch of free DLC for Grand Theft Auto Online will be available October 20th. The focus of the new pack will be, appropriately, a new set of low riders and a new level of customization for them.

The DLC will introduce a new customs shop called Benny's Original Motor Works, and while you can only customize a select few cars in this new shop, the level of customization is pretty ridiculous. Due to the spiffy first person view in the current gen version of the game, you can now pimp out the interior of your car by adding new shift levers, steering wheels, dashboard materials, air filters, and more. You can even add subwoofers to the stereo, which I assume will actually change the sound of the music.

To show off your new customizations, you can now use the player interaction menu to open the hood and all the doors of your car to allow other players to admire your pink velvet dashboard. I've always thought the impromptu car shows in GTA Online was a really cool example of an online community, and it's good to see Rockstar taking notice.

In addition to these main features, you can also expect new missions from Lamar, as well as the standard expansion of clothes, weapons, and hair options, as well as three new unnamed adversarial game modes.