News Roundup: The Brain Matrix

by: Randy -
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Couldn't read your woman's emotions on Valentine's Day?  Then you might as well catch up on some gaming action.  Have at it, Romeo.

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  • Get down with your Depp self in Pirates of the Caribbean Online.
  • Jaded by recent MMOs, re-reviews the older Arcanum in the article "Of Steamworks & Magicks Obscura"
  • They also check out the wildly popular Brain Age for the DS, and Thrillville for the PS2.
  • The Matrix Online catches everyone up on "The State of the Story" in this dev diary.  (Is anyone still playing this one?)
  • Dungeons & Dragons Online developers will chat with WarCry on February 21st.  Get in on the Q&A.
  • Part 3 of WarCry's (exhaustive) hands-on of The Lord of the Rings Online tackles the game's extensive social aspects.
  • puts Windows Vista to the test with several popular MMOs.  The results were not flattering.
Thanks to, WarCry, AtomicGamer, and for today's News Roundup.