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Three new game modes for Star Wars Battlefront revealed

by: Chapel -
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EA is riding the Battlefront Beta tidal wave and releasing a whole bunch more information about it. Specifically, three more game modes have been revealed and elaborated upon: Hero Hunt, Droid Run, and Cargo.

Hero Hunt is a 7 v 1 game mode, where one player is a hero character and the other seven are trying to defeat him. Whoever defeats the hero takes his place, sort of like king of the hill. Whoever has the most time as the hero at the end of the game is the winner.

Cargo is Capture the Flag, with a twist. The game starts with each side at 5 points, and if your cargo is captured, you lose a point in addition to the other side gaining a point. Also, notably, your cargo doesn't have to be in your base for you to score a point, like in classic capture the flag. According to DICE, this keeps the roles of attacker and defender more clearly defined and prevents players from hiding from the action.

Droid Hunt is a twist on the Domination game mode. There are three Gonk droids scattered around the map, and each team must try to control all three before the ten minute time limit is up. The twist is that the droids are moving throughout the game, and you have to catch them to capture them.

Battlefront is shaping up to be a pretty dynamic game, and if you haven't played the beta yet (shame on you!), it has been extended until Tuesday, October 13th. Read more about it on the official site.

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