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Behind the scenes of Far Cry Primal

by: Sean Colleli -
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Ubisoft's stone age take in Far Cry Primal is apparently shaking up the series quite a bit. In this dev diary the team explains how this shift to the mesolithic, roughly 12,000 years ago, completely strips the series of staples like firearms and vehicles. The main character is an early modern human named Oros, who arrives essentially naked into a freshly thawed and fertile land right after the last ice age.

To their credit the Far Cry team has done a lot of research on our ancestors and how they survived during this brutal period, but naturally they've had to make some suppositions. Not much is known about the language and culture of these early peoples so I'm interested to see how the team extrapolates on what we do know. Also there's no word on how they will implement a Far Cry trademark ka-raaaazy villain like Vaas or Pagan Min into this stone age game. Maybe it will be the Great Gazoo? 

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