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Sol heats up the battlefield in the newest SMITE patch

by: Nathan -
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It's one of the most exciting weeks for a SMITE player and if you play any MOBA you know that new character releases are always fun. Well, fun when you get hyped up for a new character, and then all the fun goes out the window when everyone instalocks said character and ruins games. Khepri jungle? Is this real life? 

Anyways, SMITE is getting a new Goddess in the next patch and it will be Sol, the Norse Goddess of the Sun. Sol will fill the role of a mage and in my opinion, kinda looks like her kit will be a combination of Freya and Agni. She is a mage that deals high auto attack damage which means that she could fill the ADC role in the duo lane, but she also seems like she will be a beat in the mid lane. 

Her first ability heals her, ignites the ground, and deals damage to any enemies that step into the fire

Her second ability is a upgrade to her basic attack and creates a shockwave that travels out and deals damage to nearby enemies.

Her third ability allows her to create a trail of fire behind her that deals damage to enemies. At the end of 3 seconds the trail explodes and stuns enemies.

Finally, her ultimate, which is like Agni and Hou Yi's ultimates combined allows her to paint an area of the map, after a short time 8 beams of flame fall from the sky on the target location where she painted. 

Be sure to check out Hi-Rez's Dev Insight on Sol for the full rundown of her abilities, her lore and some great Q&A from the dev team. 

Also introduced in the new patch is a really cool Halloween update where the Arena map has gotten a spooky overhaul including decorations, new music, zombie minions, and anyone that dies on the map will leave behind a tombstone. 

The Halloween chest will also be making a return and will feature some of the legacy content including past Halloween themed skins plus the exclusive new "Mariachi" Loki skin. 

For the full list of patch notes including the full list of nerfs and buffs (Awilix is #1 Waifu) be sure to check out SMITE's official website.

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