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NBA 2K16 and the gritty details of MyCareer

by: Rob -
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2K has released another video showcasing their upcoming game and this one lays bare the ins and outs around the refined MyCareer mode for NBA 2K16. In all the press clippings the folks there at 2K keep referring to it as MyCAREER but my caps lock keys isn't broken and that just looks silly so I'm foregoing the ridiculous capitalization.

Moving on, the mode is being produced by Spike Lee and is promising to detail a story arc and level of immersion in a virtual avatar that I'm not sure I've seen in another sports game. We've seen trophy cases and mid-week mini-games before, but the content that's seeming to be packed into this mode takes that all to the next level. Making contacts with corporate sponsors and NBA legends, refining skills, and putting together some of the ugliest basketball courts you can imagine, there is a lot to be done. What remains to be seen is how fun it is to do all those things and how critical it is to do them if they aren't such a joy. The issue with cramming all these extras in, is that if they become necessary to progressing your pro, then they can become a chore when all you really want to to is play games and win championships. Now I've not played the mode and am purely speculating. It is an intriguing addition and the experience could really bring the mode to life, or bog it down in an endless slog between actual gameplay. It sure will be interesting to see how it all plays out.

NBA 2K16 releases next Tuesday, September 29th. But those that have pre-ordered it can start playing their digital download tomorrow, 4 days early.

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