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This man is recreating the USS Enterprise in Unreal 4

by: Sean Colleli -
More On: Star Trek

I'm still trying to keep myself from hyperventilating after watching this video, but a man known simply as Jason B is doing the seemingly impossible: he's recreating the entire USS Enterprise-D from Star Trek The Next Generation. Going deck by deck, his goal is nothing less than an exhaustive Ureal 4-powered virtual tour of the massive 642-meter long starship complete with every room, corridor and shuttle bay in the official blueprints. What he already has in this pre-alpha build is stunning, and of course the whole thing will be Oculus-ready. It really gives you an idea of how incredibly massive the Enterprise is, and this project will hopefully let us see things that were never possible to portray in the budget of the 80s and 90s TV show.

I've wanted this very thing since I was about two years old.

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