Listen to Fallout 4's main theme played by the composer

by: Chapel -
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I have always had a soft spot for video game music. It's such a vital part of the genre; can you imagine what Ocarina of Time, Super Mario, or more appropriately, The Elder Scrolls would be like without music? Well, thanks to composers like Inon Zur, who composed the score for Fallout 4, we don't have to.

In a really fascinating blog post, Bethesda and Mr. Zur outline the process of making the music for Fallout 4. Mr. Zur talks about some of the wacky things he did to get some of the sounds, such as hammering random objects in his yard and using a cello on a garden chair. “I cruelly exploit the piano by hitting the strings with open hands and even biting the strings."

In addition to reading about it, you can watch him play the theme on his piano in the video below, or go here to listen to the fully orchestrated version. It's familiar in all the right ways.