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Hitman delayed until March 2016

by: Chapel -
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Hitman, the upcoming entry in the Hitman series, was originally slated for a December 8th release for this year, but IO Interactive has decided to push the release back to March of next year to give them more time to get the game ready.

In a statement on their website, IO said that they were going to use this extra time to add more content into the base game that they were previously planning on releasing after launch, and also to be able to release these planned updates more quickly.

Pushing release dates back to make sure a game is ready for launch has been happening a little more frequently lately, it seems, with other games like Rainbow Six: Siege being pushed back as well. I think it's fair to relate this new trend with the extreme backlash games like Battlefield 4 received, since they launched, especially in Battlefield's case, barely working. Gamers also seem to be much more willing to accept, even embrace this if it means a game is better at launch. Hopefully this means Hitman will be the game all the fans are looking forward to.

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