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Prepare to weather the storm. The final episode of Life is Strange will hit on October 20th provided nothing goes wrong

by: Nathan -
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One month. That's all the time I have to mentally prepare myself for what could potentially be the most emotional finale I ever experience in a videogame. Dontnod Entertainment has announced on their blog that The finale of Life is Strange, Episode 5: Polarized, currently has a release date of October 20th. 

Dontnod wants to be clear that this is their planned release date and of course, things could change by then. 

"Many things can change in the lead up to release but the team are working really hard to try and hit this date. We know the wait may be a bit longer than some of you were hoping for but we want to ensure Episode 5 is the best it can be." says Luc from Dontnod. 

Life is Strange has been one of the biggest emotional roller coasters I have ever experienced in any medium of entertainment, including videogames, movies and television. If there is one thing I love in a videogame, it's a great story and Life is Strange is just that. It's filled with memorable and fantastic characters, a great setting, and a story filled with tons of twists and turns along the way.

Life is Strange also hits somewhat close to home with me. The game takes place in a small town where everyone knows everyone. I grew up in a town like that, so when I play this game, and see all these characters, I see myself and other people from town when we were kids. Playing this game made my teenage years flash before me in the blink of an eye. 

I have played tons of the videogames this year and while a lot of them have been amazing, none of them have hit me emotionally like Life is Strange has and it could very well be my game of the year come the end of December. For now, I'm just gonna prepare for the impending storm and prepare my self for a wild ride.

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