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The Escapists: The Walking Dead gets a new trailer

by: Rob -
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The Escapists debuted earlier this year, we reviewed it first on Xbox One, and later on PS4. The game had a lot of charm but suffered from asking a little much of a player's patience. Later this month, Team 17 will be releasing The Escapists: That Walking Dead. I'm a big Walking Dead fan so crossovers are always welcome news in my book, however it seems like the survival formula mixed with the Escapist's gameplay might be the perfect combination to overcome the repetitiveness and limitations that plagued the original Escapists by liberating it from the confines of the prison and opening up the world a bit. And then filling it with Zombies. I can see this game really working well. What's even better is you're not just set in the world of the Walking Dead playing some off-script character, but you get to suit up as the one and only Rick Grimes himself and work to keep the survivors under your charge safe and bite free.

The Escapists: The Walking Dead will be out September 30th on PC and Xbox One. The Alexandria trailer is below which showcases an iconic location in the game.

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