Zeus gets a slight reworking and Ah Puch turns into an alien in the newest SMITE patch

by: Nathan -
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A small patch for SMITE hits this week and with it brings the long await Zeus update and a new skin for Ah Puch.

First up is Zeus, known for being able to easily dish out high amounts of damage quickly. So why is he getting a rework? The problem is that his lane clear is pretty bad, which means that he can easily fall behind in the early game. 

That problem should be fixed now as some of his abilities have been given a slight reworking. Zeus's first ability, chain lightning, will now bounce faster to opponents and minions. It will now also apply a slow a well,

His big change however is his new ability "Aegis Assault". Zeus will now throw out his shield and deal damage. The shield will stay there for 3 seconds and can be hit with either chain lightning or basic attacks. The lightning will ricochet off the shield and apply charges to nearby enemies. This new ability really is a game changer for him. This will easily allow him to 

I still say he isn't that OP as he has no escape, so he is one of those mages that dishes out insane damage, but can be melted easily after CC and slows. 

Also included in this patch is the new "Galactic Invader" Ah Puch skin and he looks like something straight out of XCOM: Enemy Unknown. Remember commander, we are always watching. 

Finally, Khepri gets his tier 2 skin "Horned Beetle". 

For all the full patch notes, including all the buffs and nerfs (seriously, a blink nerf? RIP Tyr, Ymir, Ares, Geb, Sylvanus etc etc) check out SMITE's official website.

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