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Star Wars Battlefront beta will be available to everyone, online and offline

by: Chapel -
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A few weeks back, EA gave us the details of what we can expect to be able to do in Star Wars: Battlefront's upcoming beta. A little more information has been revealed, by far the most notable being that the beta will be available to everyone, and you can play offline splitscreen, as well as, of course, online.

Also, EA said that the Drop Zone game mode will take place on the Sullust map, which is exciting because most Star Wars fans know the least about this planet. It will give us a chance to explore what is likely to be the biggest surprise in the game. Drop Zone will also have bots, and can be played offline.

Exciting news for everyone that's excited about Battlefront. Still no official date, but previously we were told early October, so fingers crossed that doesn't change. You can read EA's blog post here.

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