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World of Tanks brings the boom to PS4

by: Jeremy -
More On: World of Tanks is seemingly intent on total, world domination. Not content with having a stronghold on the F2P war-front on PC’s, they moved their incredibly popular game World of Tanks to the Xbox family of consoles, and now they are bringing it to the PlayStation 4.

When it launches on the PS4, World of Tanks will grant players access to intense, 30-player battles using more than 350 different tanks from 7 different nations. All of the traditional PlayStation features will be present in the game, including Share Play, Live Streaming, and Vita Remote Play. Perhaps the best news of all is that the game is free to play for everyone who owns a PS4; a PlayStation Plus account is not required to play online with this game.

We’re still a little ways out from the launch of the game, but a beta is planned in the near future. If you want to keep up to date on the latest news about this new version and sign up for the upcoming beta, you can check out the official website for the new version.

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