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The Taken King launches, new trailer features you

by: Jeremy -
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Today is a big day for Destiny fans as the third expansion for the game launches. Destiny: The Taken King, which is now available, brings a ton of new content and a massive overhaul to the game’s mechanics, which should hopefully pull players who have abandoned the game back into the fold. I was sucked into the game in a major way when it originally launched, but found myself drifting away as 2015 passed. That has all changed now as I am back in the game, full tilt. In order to hype the launch, Bungie has released a new trailer for the game, one that is extremely unique and focuses in on each Destiny player.

The Destiny website now offers players the ability to view a trailer for the game that tells the story of their individual characters. All that you have to do is enter your gamer id for your respective platform and give the site a few minutes to piece things together. Once it is down, you will get access to a tense promotional video that highlights some of your accomplishments in the game. Talk about targeted advertising! Having a trailer catered especially to you certainly grabs your attention. You can check out my personal trailer below or head on over to the website and create the tale of your own legend.


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