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"The Jet" joins the 2K crew for NBA 2K16

by: Rob -
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Last year we had Shaq and Ernie Johnson hamming it up at the intermissions of NBA 2K15, so what's the lineup for NBA 2K16? Well the dynamic duo are back and joined in studio by none other than Kenny "The Jet" Smith. More great chemistry flies from a studio team that in-game, as in real life, are fantastically entertaining while also providing insight into the game. Check out the video below of some of their studio commentary in action.

NBA 2K16 releases September 29th on PS4, Xbox One, PS3 and Xbox 360. Pre-orders are getting a pre-release date of September 25th, a 4 day head start of gameplay as well as other pre-order bonus. Pre-order info can be found on the official site.