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Five DLC ideas for Super Mario Maker

by: Sean Colleli -
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In my review I said that while I really liked Super Mario Maker and its hugely dynamic level editor, there are some key aspects that are missing, which I hope are added later with DLC. The fine folks at Nintendolife must have been reading my mind, because they list all of my hopeful additions in their new video.

They cover everything from more level styles and checkpoints to making huge multi-level worlds. I get the sense that Nintendo was intentionally pandering to the psychos on Youtube who just want to make cruel impossible levels, instead of the gamers like me who want to make big, vibrant standalone Mario games with satisfying difficulty and gameplay progression. Hopefully Nintendo hears the pleas of fans like me and Nintendolife and gives us some substantial Mario Maker DLC soon.

 Source: Nintendolife