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SMITE is now available on Steam

by: Nathan -
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The SMITE player base has already reached 10 million users and it may get a bit bigger as SMITE is now available for free on Steam. The other bit of good news is that the player base won't be split. SMITE has been integrated so Steam players will play along side all of the current PC users. If you want, you can also grab the Steam version and add it to your account and you can simply launch the game from Steam

In addition, to celebrate the release and to welcome new players into the game, the Ultimate God Pack will be on sale for 33% off until September 13th. Current SMITE players and new players alike will also get double goodies this weekend as Hi-Rez is holding a "2X weekend". Every one will earn double xp, favor and double worshipers. 

Hi-Rez has also released a trailer about the release and you should check it out. Why? Because Gabe said so 

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