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Dragon’s Dogma finally landing on PC

by: Jeremy -
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It has taken a really long time, but Capcom has finally committed to bringing the Dragon’s Dogma franchise to Western PC. The game has been a huge success on the consoles here, and on both consoles and PC’s in Japan, but in a few short months. Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen, which features the main game and its various DLC offerings, will launch on the PC in January. The PC version will benefit from higher resolution visuals and full Steam platform support.

The game, which will retail for $29.99, is a sprawling action-RPG that is set in an open world. You have an incredible amount of control over the creation and evolution of your character and the battles with some of the larger beasts are truly epic. I loved the game's original release, and Cahill enjoyed the console version of Dark Arisen when it launched on the Xbox 360. If you haven't played the game before now, you should definitely consider picking up the new version when it launches this coming January.

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