WildStar free-to-play launching on Sept. 29

by: Travis -
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Publisher NCSOFT and developer Carbine Studios have announced that the free-to-play version of WildStar will launch on September 29. Those with access to the current closed beta will also be happy to hear that the second phase has begun with a wealth of new features to test and fine tune.

The conversion to free-to-play will change the game's name to WildStar Reloaded and is described as far more than a switch to a different business model. Instead, the conversion to free-to-play is described as including new content, enhanced game systems, and numerous quality of life improvements. A big improvement will include the game's starting experience to make it more streamlined for new players.

Current subscribers and those that have been invited to the closed beta can launch their client today to update their version to phase two of testing. Check out our review of WildStar for more information.