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Watch the first trailer for The Gamechangers, the Daniel Radcliffe BBC Grand Theft Auto movie

by: Randy -
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The Gamechangers is a BBC movie about Rockstar Games and the making of Grand Theft Auto. Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter) plays Rockstar President, Sam Houser, while Bill Paxton (Titanic, Apollo 13) plays Jack Thompson, anti-video-game activist and now-disbarred attorney.

If you were paying attention to video game politics in the early 2000s, then you remember Jack Thompson's name well. The Gamechangers will center on him and his mission to bring down the house that GTA built.

It's worth noting that, despite its efforts, Rockstar Games is not involved with this made-for-TV movie. In fact, Rockstar filed a lawsuit against the BBC back in May in order to protect its intellectual property. Regardless, here's the trailer: