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Killing Floor 2 "flexes" its muscles....and gore

by: John -
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Killing Floor 2 has a new update that many NVIDIA owners will be able to take advantage of. It's using the new PhysX technology called FleX to offer up better gore in the game.

NVIDIA's FleX gives us more fluid and realistic physics with many objects being able to interact with each other. In Killing Floor 2 for example, a monster called Bloat can explode into a pile of guts and fluid that fly around and bounce or slide off of other objects. Something really cool to see is another enemy with a shouting attack that walks by and its sound wave interacts with the remnants on the ground.

Flex looks like it can really take visuals to the next level. I've been a fan of PhysX using it on a wide range of games in my system so seeing Flex in action in Killing Floor 2 is a real treat and a great beginning of what could be a lot of great physical effects coming down the pipe to gamers in other titles.

You can pick up Killing Floor 2 right now on Steam Early Access.

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