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Microsoft unleashes Halo 5 opening cinematic

by: Chuck -
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We're still over a month from the release of Halo 5:Guardians which means it is time for Microsoft to start firing up the hype machine for the game.  To that end they have released the opening cinematic from the game which is quite glorious.

The trailer shows Locke and the rest of his team dropping in to rescue Dr. Halsey from the clutches of the Covenant.  While the trailer starts slow it ends with a bang as Locke's team drops in from space and works their way through a large swarm of Covenant forces.  The game shows off some of the moves that the team can do and is one of the more frenetic trailers I've seen lately.  

I'm still a bit worried about the game as the Master Chief Collection was a bit of a let down in terms of fit and finish and hopefully 343 has learned their lesson and done a few extra polish passes before shipping the game off for certification.  We'll find out when the game launches on October 27.