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3 successful stress tests = Worldwide SF5 beta this weekend

by: Jeremy -
More On: Street Fighter V

“Three up, and three down” for Capcom’s regional stress tests for the Street Fighter 5 beta, which can only mean one thing: the worldwide beta can be scheduled. Well, not only “can” it be scheduled, it HAS been scheduled. Capcom didn’t waste any time after closing the North and South American street tests to set up the fully-functional worldwide beta for this weekend.

The return of the Street Fighter 5 worldwide beta test kicks off tomorrow, 8/28/2015, at 4pm PST and run for five consecutive days. There are no more specific time slots that you will need to aim for; we are talking about five, full days of SF5 action. The test will be shut down at 7am PST on 9/2/2015. The only time things should go offline is when there are short periods of maintenance, but all of that will be announced and broadcast via the official beta test Twitter account (@SFVServer).