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YouTube Gaming launches today

by: John -
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Last summer, Google was linked to buying Twitch. That didn't happen as Amazon went and snatched it up, but today Google is getting into the video game streaming business.

YouTube Gaming will be launching today and it will take on the game streaming giant that it once tried to buy. Right now, the streaming beta site has instructions on how you can start to stream. I'm hoping to see integration with GeForce Experience sometime soon as this is my primary way to stream games on the PC.

A mobile app will be coming out today as well, but right now it's just a not found page. Hopefully, it won't be too long of a wait to pick that up, but I'd also like to see it integrated into the YouTube app some day rather than being its own separate app.

If there's one company that can take on Twitch, it's Google and YouTube. Competition should be fierce on this one and I hope this drives both companies to improve their services in game streaming.

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