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Nintendo 2DS price dropping soon

by: Jeremy -
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Nintendo has announced that effective August 30, 2015, the MSRP for the Nintendo 2DS line of systems is dropping to $99.99, a drop of $30.00. In addition, the system will now come with a digital copy of Mario Kart 7 at no additional charge.

While a lot of people scoffed at the 2DS when it was revealed, I found it to be the perfect solution to personal problems I have with the 3DS. Both my daughter and I have issues with the 3D technology used in the 3DS, as it causes major eye strain and headaches for us, so having to option to save money on the system by skimping out on the 3D abilities was extremely appealing. Plus, it’s design and durability were perfect for the younger gamer in my house. Now that the system is being offered even cheaper, perhaps more parents will consider getting one this holiday season to introduce their young ones to the world of video games.