Kingdom Hearts 3 adds new world: Big Hero 6

by: Jeremy -
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Yesterday brought big news for fans of Square’s Kingdom Hearts franchise. While we all know that Kingdom Hearts 3 is well under way at the developer, the news and details about the project seem to be very few and far between. During Disney’s D23 Expo, Square Enix officially announced that a world based on Big Hero 6 will be included in the new game.

The announcement was even released in the form of an officially trailer from the Kingdom Hearts team, which you can see below. They note how close the themes between Kingdom Hearts and Big Hero 6 are to one another, and how the match really makes perfect sense. I couldn’t agree more! The inclusion has me thinking bigger though. Sure, Big Hero 6 is a marketed as a Disney movie, but its roots lie among one of Disney’s other properties: Marvel Comics. Could other Marvel properties and worlds be used in future entries of the series?