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Details on Star Wars Battlefront's new mode Supremacy

by: Chapel -
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A few days ago, I speculated on a few of Star Wars Battlefront's most recently revealed modes: Cargo, Drop Zone, and Supremacy. Now, EA has published an official blog post talking about the last on that list, Supremacy. It is, indeed, a mode that sounds very much like the Conquest mode from previous Battlefronts that was essentially the main form of gameplay.

In this year's Battlefront, Supremacy puts two teams against each other, fighting over five control points on the map. Each team starts with two points, initially fighting over the one neutral point in the middle. Sound familiar?

Lead Level Designer Dennis Brännvall says that this mode will be extremely intense and large scale, as one would expect. What caught my attention was when he described it as focused. In my experience, large scale conquest modes are very rarely focused. Supremacy is implementing what I think is a really clever way to handle the mode, which is requiring teams to take the objectives in a certain order. So in this way, it sounds like the mode is a mixture of conquest and the Rush mode from Battlefield, where one team defends an objective from the other, falling back to the next objective once it has been destroyed.

Additional exciting news is that heroes, starships, and walkers will all be on the field at the same time, making for what will probably be the most "Star Wars-y" game type to be found in Battlefront.

You can read the full blog post on EA Star Wars here.

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