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SMITE launches on Xbox One on August 19th

by: Nathan -
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SMITE on the Xbox One is coming out of beta and will officially release on August 19th.

Some important info for those who haven't gotten the founders pack yet or merged accounts. Hi-Rez will keep the founders pack and account merging open until August 31st.

The founders pack costs $30 and gets you every god in the game plus all future ones for free, 400 gems and the exclusive Ares and Ymir skins. Account merging allows you to carry over your goodies from the PC version to the Xbox One version. Your gods, skins, voice packs, and ward skins will carry over, however your gems and stats will not. After August 31st, they will disappear forever. 

Coming from the PC version, SMITE has transitioned quite well to the Xbox. The controls may be hard to get used to at first but they do offer multiple control schemes. I prefer to have all my abilities mapped to the triggers so I can aim and fire at the same time. 

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