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Vote for one of these to be your free PS Plus game in September

by: Randy -
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Next month's free PlayStation Plus game gets a bit democratic. You'll be voting for which one is free (for PS Plus subscribers, of course), while the runner up earns a price discount. I'm guessing the 3rd place contestant just becomes available anyway, just without the "free" or "discount" attached to it.

Your job will not be easy. Each one of these three games looks good. There's the paper 2D-looking Zombie Vikings; a Castle Crashers-like, perhaps. There's the precocious-robot-realizes-its-Jack-and-the-Beanstalk-fantasy (?), Grow Home. Then there's Armello.

I'm inclined to vote for Armello, simply because it would own a more unique space in the PlayStation library. Hex-based strategy games—especially ones that are populated by armored anthropomorphic animals—are few and far between, to say the least. Something like a Redwall novel on a Civilization map? Yes! Please!

Watch these videos grovel for your all-powerful vote, you freedom-loving voter you.