Sit back and enjoy some relaxation time in Fishing Planet

by: Travis -
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Grab your reel and bait as free-to-play online simulator Fishing Planet is now available as an Early Access title. Described as a realistic simulation, players will be able to use real-life skills and knowledge in their fishing pursuits. Some of the described features include:

  • Photo-realistic graphics, with all waterways and fishing locations based on actual lakes and rivers.
  • Unique dynamic water with splashes, waves and ripples that naturally reacts to cast tackle, wind and current.
  • Advanced AI system for fish: reaction to season, time of day, current, bottom type and terrain, wind and water temperature, wind speed etc. Actual biting/striking habits of each fish species as well as realistic lure attack behavior.
  • Unique system of game physics and realistic wear/damage of rods, lines and reels according to their actual individual characteristics.
  • Realistic aero and hydrodynamic environment for lures and retrieves, that allows the player work on and improve actual fishing skills.
  • Advanced system of fishing duels and tournaments based on world’s most popular fishing competitions.
  • Online fishing contests with personal and team scores, system of achievements, leader boards and top-player ranking.

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