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A new guardian, Khepri, and a bunch of awesome skins headline SMITE's newest patch

by: Nathan -
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A new SMITE patch arrives this week and with it brings Khepri, a new Egyptian Guardian. Of course the role of the Guardian is to play support and peel for the team, but Khepri brings some new mechanics into the game as well. Khepri's

His passive applies a shield to himself and the team every five seconds, his Rising Sun reduces damage that teammates take and his ultimate can revive teammates. Yup, that's right, it finally happened, Khepri can cast his ultimate on a teammate and if they die, they will be revived back at Khepri's location with a certain percentage of their max health. Combine this with blink or sprint and you can get far away from enemies before the friendly teammates is fully revived. 

Also included in the patch is Anubis's tier 2 skin "Afterlife". There are also three new skins for Freya, Cabraken and Awilix.

"Renegade" Awilix is pretty much based off of the old school TV show "Knight Rider".

"Gamma Slam" Cabraken is pretty much based off of Incredible Hulk.

"All For One" Freya is based off of the Three Musketeers. 

The final skin being introduced this patch is Medusa's gold skin.

For the full list of patch notes, including all the buffs and nerfs (good riddance Ah Puch, Ratatoskr and Bellona), be sure to check out SMITE's official website.

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