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Vega makes his SF5 debut at Gamescom

by: Jeremy -
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Another veteran is joining the ranks of Street Fighter 5 as the Spanish Ninja himself, Vega, has been revealed as the next member of the playable roster. Attendees at Gamescom will get the first chance to check him out in a new playable build that will be on display at the show. The build will also include the newcomer Necalli that was revealed a few weeks ago.

Vega will be sporting a new appearance and new moves in his latest appearance. Capcom is even giving players an option of two distinct fighting modes, one with a claw and one without. You can get your first glimpse at him in the trailer below and see just how much he has changed. Personally, I love his new attire; it really ties more into his Spanish background than the combat garb he has sported in earlier entries of the franchise.