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IGN's No Man's Sky AMA answers very little

by: Sean Colleli -
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Today IGN posted the last of what has been a fairly underwhelming month of coverage for No Man's Sky. Creator Sean Murray fielded a handful of questions, but nothing that hasn't been asked and answered many times before. Naturally he still won't give us a release date.

I hate to say it but it looks like No Man's Sky is turning into "when it's done" vaporware like Star Citizen before it. The game sounded too good to be true and after nearly three years of teases it's starting to look like the procedurally generated infinite universe is way too ambitious for its own good. Fan speculation is that Sony delayed the game so it could be a launch day killer app for their Morpheus VR, but I think the answer is simpler than that.

I think Sean Murray and his little indie studio just don't know how hype and marketing work in the games industry. They've been demoing the same thing for over two years now, with very little new material to show each time. When you string a dedicated fanbase along this much and repeatedly disappoint them, they're going to get frustrated and move on to better things. Hello Games should either give us a release date, or just go dark until they're ready to launch the game--if No Man's Sky ever gets off the ground at all, that is.

Source: IGN