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Harebrained Schemes looking to bring Battletech via Kickstarter

by: John -
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I love the old fashioned strategic Battletech game that came out on the C64. It was one of the first licensed Battletech games on the PC and it was hella fun at the time. 

Harebrained Schemes, makers of the great Shadowrun Returns game, is looking to bring another beloved classic to us by kickstarting Battletech. It's not up yet, but they are trying to drum up some excitement for it. 

I'm sure they won't have trouble achieving their Kickstarter goal once they start and the creator of Battletech and Mechwarrior, Jordan Weisman is onboard. Battletech will be a turn based game with an open-ended Mercenaries style campaign, which sounds pretty cool.

While we have a good action style combat game in Mechwarrior Online, I've been wanting a more campaign style game rather than just fighting against other online opponents. I hope this is the game that will give me both great mech combat and a good campaign along with it.

The Kickstarter will start in the Fall with more details to come.